Recently, with the spread of the Internet, it became possible to obtain ai...

Recently, with the spread of the Internet, it became possible to obtain air tickets in various ways. As a result, companies that sell cheap airline tickets online have also increased. It was the other day when I arranged an air ticket to attend a wedding ceremony of a friend living in the distance. Because there are a lot of expenses such as donation and accommodation expenses at the wedding ceremony, I thought that I would be able to purchase an air ticket as cheaply as possible and decided to purchase a ticket through a company selling cheap air tickets for the first time on the Internet. Because it was a company on the net, I was a little worried, but it was cheapest price, so I decided to ask. I asked for an order from the phone for confirmation, so the correspondence was there so there was enough so that I thought that it would be okay because there was quite a day too. After that, we exchanged orders by e-mail, transfer was also completed, and afterwards it was finished if ticket receipt number was sent from the other side. However, the last ticket receipt number was not sent soon, it was only when I was sent just before departure. As a result, I was glad that I could purchase an air ticket, but if I had difficulty dealing with it smoothly I had to worry about uneasiness and I wanted to purchase it in a trustworthy place.

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