I am not good at flight compared to Shinkansen or bus.

I am not good at flight compared to Shinkansen or bus. It is not because it is scary of high places, but because of the complexity of arranging tickets and procedures to get on. With the Shinkansen or bus, you can just ride the ride as it is, even if the time is fixed in time, but the plane does not go so. The waiting time is also long, and I get nervous just by getting on. Especially troubles often with air ticket arrangements. Because of my work, I can only take a day off when a lot of people are off, such as Sundays and public holidays, so I will be out of the crowded period by all means. When tickets themselves are difficult to pick up and when arranging for the period, the airplane tickets of the original high airplane are often even more expensive. The charm of an airplane is the ability to travel long distances in a short time, so it is indispensable for traveling overseas. However, I have canceled my trip due to lack of arrangements, so I think that I can enjoy traveling more abroad if this is resolved.

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